Nutrition at the Heschel School

The Heschel School has partnered with Cater to You as the dining services provider to create daily meals that focus on optimal nutritional impact. Offerings consist of a wide variety of protein sources (both animal and plant based), whole grains, legumes, dairy, healthy fats, and the freshest fruits and vegetables. 

Menus are designed monthly to reflect seasonal availability, holidays, and the special dietary needs of the Heschel School community. The culinary team is led by our General Manager and Chef Manager.  

Cater to You takes careful measures not to prepare or serve meals that contain peanuts or tree nuts. Extensive allergy awareness training through third-party certifiers AllerTrain™ and ServSafe has been completed by all Chef Managers and Sous Chefs. In addition, all other CtY team members serving the Heschel School community receive annual allergy awareness instruction as part of CtY’s Back-to-School training programming.

Lower and Middle School daily lunch selections:

  • Freshly prepared soup

  • Featured daily entree

  • Side dish of whole grain, legume or starch

  • Vegetable side dish

  • Assorted fresh fruit options

  • 1% Ronnybrook milk. water, and agua fresca

  • Whole wheat and regular pasta are available daily

  • Friday, pizza is served to the middle school from Pizza Roma

  • A dessert item is featured once a week

Lower and Middle School daily lunch alternatives:

  • A daily salad green

  • Assortment of salad toppings – with daily varieties

  • Legumes, garbanzo, kidney, and black beans

  • Sliced hard boiled eggs

  • Tuna and egg salads prepared daily

  • Stonyfield Organic Yogurt

  • Cream Cheese

  • Muenster, Cheddar, Swiss and American sliced cheese

  • Two types of salad dressing, prepared in-house

  • Sliced whole wheat bread

  • Gluten-free bread is available upon request

  • Sunbutter

  • Jelly

  • Butter, or margarine – available upon request

  • Sliced fruit

  • Tofu is served three times per week – served plain seasoned, roasted, or sauteed