Taisha Nicoli, General Manager of Food Services

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Taisha is the General Manager of Food Services at the Heschel School and she is very excited to be here. Taisha got her inspiration for cooking from being part of Sunday dinners with her family of 30. She loved cooking with the family and eventually started hosting dinner parties of her own for friends. In 2005, she earned her culinary degree from the Institute of Culinary Education.

Taisha loves all kinds of food and the challenge of learning something new. If she had to pick a favorite cuisine, it would be Lebanese food. When Taisha is not at Heschel, she is often trying out a new recipe. She is passionate about traveling, and she continues her quest to make it to almost every country in the world.

Michael DiBartolomeo, Chef Manager

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Chef Michael is the Chef Manager for the Heschel School. He began working for Cater to You in 2012 as the Sous Chef for The Nightingale Bamford School.

Michael's passion for cooking developed during his childhood when his meals included fresh produce from the family garden, and fresh pasta dishes every Sunday with his mother. He started working as a waiter when he was 14 years old, but would often be found in the kitchen peeling potatoes instead of waiting tables. Like Taisha, he also attended the Institute of Culinary Education.  His favorite food is ravioli, and he knows how to make over 100 different kinds. Since working for Cater to You Food Service, he has been engaged in in not only creating a great dining experience, but supporting local agriculture. Having a brand new kitchen at the Heschel School makes the job a lot more fun! Outside of CTY, you can find him catering events in the Hamptons or watching the Food Network.

For additional questions or assistance regarding food allergies
or special dietary concerns, please call 212.595.7087, ext. 1107.